Establishing Program Eligibility

If you live in the city of Wichita, Sedgwick County Transporation (SCT) is not accepting applications at this time but call 316-660-5150 or (800) 367-7298 and SCT will make referrals to other available resources.  

If you live in the communities or unincorporated areas within Sedgwick County, except the city of Wichita, you may either call 316-660-5150 or (800) 367-7298 to obtain an application by mail, or click on the link below to print out the application.  Completed applications must be mailed to Sedgwick County Transportation at 2622 W. Central Ste. 500, Wichita, KS 67203 or faxed to 660-1936. Please allow up to one week (5 days) for eligibility process to occur.

If application is faxed, please follow-up by calling our office at (316) 660-5150 to verify that the fax was received and legible.  

Sedgwick County Transportation Application 

In addition to completing the Sedgwick County Translortation Application, if you answer "yes" to either of the following questions, also print and complete the Caregiver Supplement below. You may also call 316-660-5150 or 800-367-7298 to obtain it by mail.  

1)  Are you a caregiver to a person over age 60 and reside in Butler, Harvey or Sedgwick County and need to arrange transportation for the person you provide care to in order to relieve yourself?

2)  Are you a caregiver for a person over age 60 and reside in Sedgwick County and need to arrange transportation for yourself to visit the person you care for in the hospital, assisted living facility or nursing home in Wichita?

SCT Application - Caregiver Supplement