Central Plains Area Agency on Aging Employees

CPAAA appreciates the hard work of all staff.  Through their dedication and years of service, this agency continues to be an important care partner for many seniors, individuals with disabilities and caregivers in the community.

Annette Graham - Executive Director

Terri Agnew - Van Driver                                                

Harley Anderson - Call Center Specialist 

Amy Arnold - Scheduler

Brad Ashens - Director of Finace and Support Services

Tori Black - Senior Care Act Program Coordinator

Kandace Bonnesen - Transportation Operations Manager 

Larry Brookman - Eligibility and Options Specialist                                                            

Monica Cissell - Director of Information and Community Services

Sheila Clemons - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Trista Clevenger - Administrative Specialist                                                                        

Rhonda Custard - Caregiver Coordinator

Gus Dorado - Care Manager

Addyson Duncan-Rohrback - Call Center Specialist

Celia Easley - Information Outreach Specialist

Jennifer Farmer - Driver

Irma Hernandez - Van/Bus Driver

Dena Hillis - Call Center Specialist

JoAnn Hoover - Data Entry Specialist                                                                      

Jackie Hudson - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Valerie Grimes - Office Specialist

Lona Kelly - Older Americans Act Program Coordintor

Dorsha Kirksey - Director of Mill Levy and Mobility Services 

Jennifer Lasley - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Cathy Landwehr Bailey - Elibility and Options Specialist Team Leader

Krista Lovette - Program Manager

Karen McNally - PT RSVP Volunteer Coordinator

Tony Miller - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Julie Morrison - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Anita Nance - Director of Assessment and In-home Services

Stacy Nilles - Mill Levy Program Coordinator

Paula Olson - Senior Care Act Care Manager                                             

Gay Quisenberry-Resident Service Coordinator  

Elizabeth Reischmann - Call Center Specialist

Alberta Rizzo - Transportation Coordinator

Teresa Rodriguez - Transportation Coordinator

Nancy Ross - Senior Center Program Coordinator

Rachel Rutledge - Eligiblity and Options Specialist                                                        

Dawn Shive - Accountant    

Nikki Shortt - Options Counselor/Information and Assistance

Tiffany Smith - Fiscal Associate

Chad Stewart - Eligibility and Options Specialist

Elizabeth Thornbrugh - Call Center Team Leader                                    

Marty Toland - Eligibility and Options Specialist Team Leader

Vacant- Health and Wellness Coordinator