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When Snow Falls, We Fall

Winter months and snow fall also means we are more likely to fall. With a little pre-planning and caution you can avoid slips and falls which may lead to cuts and bruises, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injury.

When Snow Falls, We Fall


CPAAA is Helping Seniors Take Charge of their own Health

People with diabetes have a higher risk of health complications related to heart attack, kidney problems, blindness and even amputation.  It is essential to learn how to better manage diabetes to prevent these fearful complications.  Over 27% of Medicare beneficiaries have diabetes. According to Administration on Aging “Part B of original Medicare has a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) benefit designed to educate beneficiaries with diagnosis of diabetes about their disease and how to better manage it.”  To increase seniors’ access to this important benefit, CPAAA became accredited in May 2014 to provide education and resources on diabetes to local seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries at eight locations throughout the tri-county area.

CPAAA is Helping Seniors Take Charge of their own Health


Care Comes Home

More than 65 million people, 29% of the U.S. population or three in ten households, provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or older family members or friends.  Regardless of what type of assistance a caregiver provides for someone, they are a caregiver and need and deserve support and current information to make decisions about their loved one's care.  Many options are available that often are overlooked including local resources, online support and in-home care options that can make the caregiving duties less stressful and more fulfilling. 

Care Comes Home


Brain Health - Joggin' for your Noggin'

The brain is like a muscle and as with any other muscle as the saying goes, “use it, or lose it.” It is commonplace to hear the benefits of physical health and most are aware that if one wants to maintain good physical health they must include exercise into their life at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. The brain also needs exercise and good nutrition to maintain cognitive health and brain function. Brain health plays an important role in everything we do including heart rate, motor skills, reaction time, decision making, and mood. Loss in cognition impacts a person’s ability to complete normal everyday tasks decreasing their ability to stay independent. Now more than ever brain health is being emphasized and it is time for seniors and people of all ages to give as much focus to their brain health as to their overall physical health.

Brain Health - Joggin' for Your Noggin'


12 Mini Beni flyers to Provide Medicare Prevention Benefits Info to Seniors

Medicare offers many Medicare preventative benefits. So often beneficiaries are unaware of their benefits. In cooperation with Kansas Aging and Disability Service's MIPPA grant funding CPAAA has developed these simple flyers which highlight 1-3 benefits each month. Attached are the flyers for your use or distribution.



Mini Beni 1 through 10