Female Options Counselor talking to female senior/client  

Supporting and Promoting Independence 

There is help available.  Central Plains Area Agency on Aging (CPAAA) has been assisting seniors for over 40 years.  CPAAA can provide assistance to seniors and adults with disabilities needing various levels of support.  CPAAA will help individuals maintain their independence by providing programs and services such as information and assistance, in-home services, minor home repair, case management and much more.  These programs and services, among others are available in Sedgwick, Harvey and Butler Counties in Kansas.  If you don't live in these three counties you may find help through an Area Agency on Aging in your county. 

 A female professional training a male senior who is seated in a classroom setting in a senior center or similar location.

CPAAA Can Help if You...

  • are overwhelmed with caring for a loved one  
  • need assistance with transportation 
  • are looking at options for improving your health
  • are becoming overwhelmed with daily tasks
  • are looking for educational opportunities
  • are looking for housing options
  • are considering nursing home placement
  • need assistance locating and coordinating services                           
  • are looking for volunteer or social opportunities            
  • are burdened financially with the cost of prescription drugs
  • have questions about  Medicare or Medicaid
  • need a presentation for a group on issues concerning aging

For more information on programs and services for seniors and how to access them contact the Information Recource Center at 1-855-200-2372.