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Options for Today’s Seniors

Get Ready for Senior Expo - September 26th, 9am-3pm

CPAAA's Senior Expo provides options for today's older adults and caregivers.  Today, seniors are more affluent, educated and active than ever before. Keeping that in mind, CPAAA strives to provide valuable information, access to health screenings, new opportunities and sales that interest today's seniors.  


Botanica, The Wichita Gardens, 701 N. Amidon;

The Advanced Learning Library, 711 W. 2nd st. N ; and

The Wichita Art Museum, 1400 West Museum Boulevard.

Cost: Entrance to Senior Expo admission is complimentary to anyone age 55 and older and to caregivers of all ages!

What's New this year?

Senior Expo continues to be one of the most anticipated annual senior events of the year.  There are several new things in store for Senior Expo attendees this year.  

  • New and entertaining programs, education, and sales

  • New opportunities to get to know the local museums

  • A unique twist to Senior Expo's fashion show

  • Topics of interest/presentations will be offered at each location such as history, new home technology, health or art

  • Interactive booths offering fun and interesting hands on activities

  • An opportunities for vendors to advertise their company or service

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