Safety and Aging in Place

Evaluating Function and Safety

It is not uncommon for caregivers visit a loved one and then realize there is something different going on. Maybe the older adults is not taking care of their home as they've done in the past or their hygiene has changed. Maybe their mood has changed or their interest in participating in activities they've enjoyed in the past has decreased. There may be some changes exhibited that they have not shared with you or possibly they haven't identified the changes themselves.

Caregivers Can Help

If a concern arises, caregivers can assess a loved ones situation without being overly intrusive or obvious. By simply making observations caregivers can pick up on many cues and determine if function or safety are a concern and eventually need to be addressed.

10 warning signs your loved one may need help

Need Help? Call CPAAA’s friendly staff who can help guide you to find the right options and resources specifically for you or the older adult in your life. Call 1-855-200-2372.


Fall Prevention and Home Safety Assessments

Designing safety features into a home for an adult 60 or older is helps to prevent falls and promote long term living in the location of their choice such as a single family home, apartment/condo, or mobile home. To schedule a Home Safety Assessment or find a Fall Prevention class near you contact 1-855-200-2372.

Learn More about Fall Prevention

Home Safety Step by Step


Home Repair and Modification

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