Supporting Professionals

Central Plains Area Agency on Aging (CPAAA) assists professionals by providing options, community resources and supportive services for their client’s specific situation.  Are you working with a senior, person with a disability or supporting a caregiver?  CPAAA can assist you to find appropriate local resources, act as a referral source for your customers and help you stay up to date on changes in Medicare, Kancare and other programs and services.

  • Connect with CPAAA to assist your clients with accessing long term care services that meet their needs. We have friendly staff who understand the big picture and can guide you or your client to find the right support services. Call 1-855-200-2372 to learn more.

  • Learn how your company or agency can assist working caregivers on site at your place of employment.

  • Join the Aging Network monthly meeting and stay up-to-date on new programs, services and advocacy issues.

  • Become an advocate for aging and caregiving issues.

  • Request a speaker for a class, educational presentation, or inservice.

  • Stay up to date on trainings and workshops offered by CPAAA and partners.

  • Access current resources, find helpful publications on this website or at the CPAAA office.